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A Purchaser’s Guide To The Best Mattress For Your Bedroom

The best mattresses can be difficult to find depending on how knowledgeable you are regarding the types, sizes and other features that are available out there. Because different mattresses will have different form factors, size, edge support, firmness, heat retention and more, it can be extremely hard to pinpoint the right one for you. One thing’s for sure: always get the largest mattress you can afford. These top king size mattress are the best in the market and will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. Even mattress experts or shopping guides can offer detrimental advice because not all of them focus on the core principle of the matter: the user experience itself.

Without trying out and having a feel of the mattress personally, you’ll often find that your newly bought mattress experience will be suboptimal. Perhaps you can’t quite place your finger on it, but something feels amiss. This is worsened by the fact that you’ve just dumped a boatload of money into purchasing your mattress and you’re afraid to own up to the fact that maybe you’ve actually made the wrong decision. This nagging feeling of having purchased a less than optimal mattress will itself be tearing away at you night after night as you try to fall asleep.

simple bedWouldn’t it be best if you could just let someone tell you which mattress is the best for you at a premium? Of course, it would. But, let’s be honest here. A mattress purchasing decision just isn’t as easy as that. To get the most out of your mattress shopping experience, we suggest you take a look at these 4 core factors before making any rash decisions.

The first and foremost factor would be the heat retention capabilities of a mattress. You might have heard of how memory foam mattresses tend to trap more heat than other types of materials and you’d be right to believe it. Because of how dense memory foam is, they tend to release heat a lot more slowly and if you’re the type of person who often wakes up having a wet back due to sweat, memory foam mattresses might not be the best option for you. Instead, opt for something softer on the surface, like a spring mattress.

A spring mattress is not only a lot cheaper, but it works the best in most circumstances. If you’re unsure which mattress you like most or if you want to go for the “safe” choice, spring mattresses are your best bet. It might not be optimal in terms of the comfort and other miscellaneous health benefits that you could possibly derive from it, but it’s as good as it gets for the price that you’re paying for it. Additionally, you need not worry about having an edge support for your mattress too, since most of them have great foam enhancement edges at the sides.

As far as the comfort factor goes, that would be entirely subjective. Most people find foam or spring mattresses most comfortable because they are soft upon touch. That might not necessarily be a good thing for your back in the long run though. The softer a mattress surface is, the more likely it is that it’ll sink in while your weight is laid upon it. When that happens, because your back/spine area is the heaviest and curves most easily, it will inevitably sink into part of the mattress. Sleeping in this potion would be bad for your spine in the long term so it’s best to avoid mattresses that are too soft as well.